The Healy Transformation Center is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry that provides a variety of Healing Through Connection (HTC) sessions. The center is made up of a team of dedicated, passionate and highly trained Inner Healing prayer ministers who are committed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, as well as others. In addition, connecting you to living an abundant life.

One of the many tools that our Team have been trained to use is the tools used in the Sozo ministry. Sozo is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, delivered.” Sozo ministry is a unique, biblically-based, inner-healing and deliverance ministry that helps get to the root issues, revealing the lies that have held us back and asking Father God to give us the upgrade that He desires for us. We believe Father God’s love is so amazing that He gives us a choice. His love is always there, but it’s our choice to receive it or reject it. It’s when you encounter His pure love that you can be changed forever. With the direction of the Holy Spirit, we also use coaching, counseling, prophetic blue-printing, advanced Sozo, Shabar, deliverance, as well as, a variety of other tools during the sessions.


More about a Healing Through Connection (HTC) session:

  • An HTC session is not a counseling session, but a time of healing through connecting with Father God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. In addition, to move you forward into living your life abundantly. Although at times we might be led to give Pastoral Counseling or coaching this is not the focus of the session.
  • An HTC Session is simple, gentle, peaceful, Holy-Spirit led, and very effective.
  • An HTC session helps find root issues within minutes instead of years.
  • An HTC session helps heal your relationship with God to enable you to fulfill your God-given destiny and purpose in life.
  • An HTC session is designed for all those seeking freedom, both Christians and non-Christians. We do believe and have seen that Jesus is the Healer. He loves to heal.

Healing Through Connection (HTC) Session Questions & Answers:

Question: Who can get a session?
Answer: Any person desiring a greater measure of freedom in their life

Question: How long is a session?
Answer: A session lasts 90-minutes. Additional sessions may be necessary.

Question: Who leads the session?
Answer: We believe that our sessions are lead by the Holy Spirit. One or two trained members of the Healy Transformation Center will be present to help facilitate the session.

Question: When are the sessions?
Answer: Once we receive your request for an HTC session, you will be notified by one of the Healy Transformation Center Team in order to schedule the date and time for your session.

Question: Do I need an HTC session?
Answer: If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, we invite you to consider an HTC session to receive freedom and healing in these areas:

  • Do you have issues with fear, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, hearing voices, sexual sin, bi-polar disorder, hatred, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts or a medical condition for which the doctors have not been able to find a cure?
  • Are you suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (including those who have served or are currently serving in the military)?
  • Have you ever put up walls to protect yourself from others and/or pain?
  • Do you have wounds that you received in childhood that still create problems for you today?
  • Do you feel stuck or feel like something is holding you back from your destiny?

Important Note
: We request a minimum of a $100 contribution for this session. If you contribute more than $100 the portion that is in excess of $100 will be tax deductible. Checks can be made out to Celebration Church.

Question: Why is a contribution requested for a session?
Answer: The Healy Transformation Center is not funded by Celebration Church. Many of the Healy Transformation Center staff has stepped away from full-time jobs outside of the church in order to grow this ministry and to be a conduit for this healing.  A portion of your contribution is used to provide for the needs of their family as they are walking in faith for Father Gods provision to continue providing these life-changing sessions.  Additionally, your contribution also supports the operating expenses for the Healy Transformation Center. Further, we find that people have much more intentionality and a highly increased value for the sessions if they sow into their own healings. In addition, since we are an inner healing and deliverance ministry the act of giving a contribution helps to break any spirit of poverty or entitlement they may be partnering with in their life. The healing starts here—we decree freedom and abundance over you in Jesus name.

Applicants are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and we make every effort to get you in for your session as soon as possible.