ASCEND with us during a time of intimate worship during our 9:00am service to declare and release more of heaven on earth.

Intercession, the act of standing in the gap on behalf of another, doesn’t have a particular formula. It’s as unique as each person who prays because it is still about relationship with God. It is all about carrying the heart of our Father and King and loving well, as they do. We follow Holy Spirit’s lead and do what God is saying and doing. It is as simple as that. Our warfare isn’t against people but against spiritual forces that have been already defeated. We are partners in seeing God’s Kingdom established, His victory sealed and lives transformed. Our goal is to see with God’s eyes and to co-labor with Him to see His desires fulfilled for individuals and the nations. God’s heart is to always judge for us so as we stand before Him on behalf of another we know that He will help us pray in such a way that He is able to do just that. He loves bringing His goodness into everything He does.

We gather in the Sanctuary at Celebration Church on the First Sunday morning of every month from 9:00am till 10:00am as a First Fruits offering to the Lord.